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What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue grows outside of the uterus. It can lead to symptoms like pelvic pain, heavy periods, and infertility. Endometriosis affects roughly 10% (190 million) of reproductive-age women and girls globally. 


It is a chronic disease associated with severe, life-impacting pain during periods, sexual intercourse, bowel movements and/or urination. Women may experience chronic pelvic pain, abdominal bloating, nausea, fatigue, and sometimes depression and anxiety. 


Pelvic floor physical therapy can help improve the function, flexibility, and strength of the pelvic floor muscles. It teaches your muscles how to coordinate and relax, which can ultimately help ease symptoms. 

Hands-on therapy includes a variety of external techniques such as:

  • trigger point therapy
  • deep tissue massage
  • pelvic floor exercises
  • joint mobilization

Pelvic floor physical therapy can help re-train pelvic muscles so they’re able to relax and coordinate contractions. This helps reduce spasms and improve symptoms like:

  • pelvic pain
  • back pain
  • painful urination
  • painful bowel movements

Through hands-on and internal pelvic floor work, patients find recovery from Endometriosis at Inspira Physical Therapy in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

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