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Winback TECAR Therapy in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

TECAR therapy by Winback is an innovative regeneration process to trigger the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms, rapidly rehabilitating muscle and joint function. It utilizes endogenous thermotherapy, healing your body by creating heat based on radio waves. We chose a TECAR machine at Inspira PT because its effectiveness is well supported by the academic literature. It is helpful for patients with tough myofascial restrictions that don’t seem to improve with manual therapy and movement alone.

Innovative technology used by Johns Hopkins Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Program

Diagnoses it is helpful for:

    • Back and Pelvic Pain
    • Sprains + Tendonitis
    • Arthritis and sciatica
    • Pelvic Floor Hypertonicity, tight pelvic floor musculature that can manifest as pain, urinary incontinence, etc.
    • Muscle spasms
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Capsular Restrictions
    • Tendonosis
    • Chronic Pain
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