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3 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Important

Physical Therapy can improve your mobility in people of all ages who may have injuries, illnesses, or medical conditions. Physical therapists create customized treatment plans for individuals’ needs, challenges, and goals. It also encourages activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury and improve overall health. Let’s explore five reasons why Physical Therapy is Important: 

  1. Avoid Surgery and Opioid Risk 

Physical Therapy can help you avoid invasive surgeries by helping to restore joint mobility and function by healing injured tissues without stitches. Even if surgery is required, you may benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy and can lead to faster recovery afterward. Since Physical Therapy can heal injuries, you can reduce the risk of opioids by letting your body heal and repair itself.

  1. Improve balance and coordination 

As you grow older, you may experience the risk of falling. After evaluating your balance, you will be carefully challenged on your balance as a way to mimic real-life situations and creating exercises to assist with safer walking. If the balance problem is caused by a problem in one’s vestibular system, therapists can perform specific maneuvers that can quickly restore functioning. 

  1. Improve mobility

Regardless of age, many people experience troubles with standing, walking, or moving. By talking with your Physical therapist to create a plan of strengthening exercises for improving your ability to move, you may experience reduced pain and an improved lifestyle. Our physical therapists at Inspira Physical Therapy can assess and properly fit individuals as needed.

Interested in Learning More About Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy may be just what you need to return to an active, enjoyable life. Schedule an appointment with Inspira Physical Therapy at (929) 295-6566. We can give you all of the information you need to help you decide if Physical Therapy is right for you.