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Mindfulness During Quarantine: BeWell Livestream

Though many of us did not prepare for a longer than expected quarantine, it’s been our lives for the last nine months. Our “new normal” calls for the practice of mindfulness now more than ever. 

It’s important to check in with yourself. So before reading any further, close your eyes. Put yourself in a peaceful atmosphere. Take three slow deep breaths. Then, allow your breath to take you on a journey. Open your eyes when you feel called. 

Mindfulness During Quarantine with Catherine Fugelsang

This blog was inspired by our Be Well live series featured on 06/03/2020 on our IG page.

Dr. Catherine Fugelsang is a licensed acupuncturist and certified Chinese medicine practitioner at Element Healing Arts in Brooklyn. She treats patients who suffer from pain to serious injuries or diseases to hormonal issues and more. Catherine also incorporates different modalities into her practice such as gua sha and cupping therapy. To learn more about Catherine and her practice, click here

At Inspira, we incorporate mindfulness into our practice as it plays a vital role in our lives as well as our patients. Mindfulness allows for recovery and can prevent injuries from occurring. Catherine Fugelsang joined us for our BE WELL talks back in June 2020 and offered some wonderful tricks, tips, and information about acupuncture, self-care, and herbal supplements. 

What have you recommended patients do to maintain the benefits of acupuncture during quarantine?

“Continue taking any herbal formulas/supplements given or recommended, exercise daily, and be aware of any dietary needs. I also recommend my patients to other practitioners based on their diagnosis. For example, I refer people to Inspira if they have pelvic floor needs or perhaps are interested in craniosacral therapy.”

Do you have any home tips for finding a new rhythm/routine?

“I do! I believe routine is crucial. It all starts with getting up in the morning and getting dressed as you have somewhere to be. Taking time to set up for the day by breathing and meditating, this can be as little as 2-5 minutes or even longer. This is helpful because consciously breathing, stimulates the vagus nerve in our brain and the parasympathetic nervous system will kick in. Lastly, eating dark leafy greens will support sleep/anxiety, and eating pumpkin or flax seeds will help with calming the mind. Always adjust to seasonal foods throughout the year.” 

For those who do not have access to acupuncture at the moment or are curious about giving themselves pressure points, what are some for remaining calm?

“There are several great acupressure points for relieving stress and anxiety. 

To open the chest, aid digestion, and calm the heart (the Pericardium Channel): make your hand into a ball, place the opposite thumb on the inside of your wrist, feel the tendons and gently press between them (you should feel a small ball).

To calm and ease the mind: place your finger in between your eyebrows (on the ‘third eye’) and press gently. This is also known as the Pituitary gland which is also your hormones. 

To release tension throughout the body, especially in the neck: place four fingers at the top of your head (on the scalp which separates the middle part of your hair), press down and hold for 1 minute.” 

Are there any herbs or formulas you suggest?

“I highly recommend these two mixes called “Free and Easy Wanderer” which helps with stress and “Peaceful Warrior” which is good for anxiety. Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that also helps with stress and the after relief of stress. Other homeopathic formulas include Quietude for sleep and Sedato for calming effects. 

Any final home care tips or information you’d like to share?

“It’s so important to connect with others and check in with your neighbors! Get out of the house, take a walk or run, ride a bike, explore nature. Staying sane through human connection is vital. 

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