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Meditative Chat with Julius Betila of Ahatana Resonance

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Julius Betila’s natural curiosity in science and technology led him to spirituality and a deeper connection to the universe. He believes that

science is the modern language of the mystics that we can use to lead happier and healthier lives. Sound is an energy modality that Julius uses, as well as a myriad of spiritual practices like Kundalini Yoga, Reiki sound, healing breath work, astrology, and numerology that helped align his mind, body, and spirit with a loving intention and deep gratitude. Julius creates meditative experiences that empower others on their spiritual journey at Ahatana Resonance. 

With science and technology at the forefront of his curiosity, he discovered nanotechnology and quantum physics. Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Intertwined with his first yoga class as an elective in college, it introduced him to a new language around the mind-body connection and the energy centers of the body.

When we practice yoga, chant, or hold a particular posture, we start to notice what is going on inside to which we may never have really paid attention. We can watch as thoughts, emotions, and sensations go. Through the process, the nervous system releases and invites language that allows us to digest our experiences that we may not have the opportunity to discover as we occupy ourselves with the next thing and never get a chance to deal with what’s going on inside.

Julius explains that meditation helped him be honest with himself and growing up, it taught him the language around emotions and he discovered the words behind his emotions, anxiety. Naming the emotion helped him become emotionally available, it was a huge relief as he can take a step back and breathe, recollect, then react.

With meditation, it is often comparable to observing a rollercoaster, you’re on the ground watching it, but you’re not actually on it. The thoughts keep coming, and that’s okay. It’s a common misconception that you have to not think and you’re not supposed to have thoughts during meditation. It’s easy to get distracted but meditation allows us to bring our attention to ourselves and at the end of it, it’s just about being present.

Meditation is like spiritual hygiene that no one really taught us. So we may do it once and feel fresh and clean and see clarity, sometimes we do not, and that’s okay. Meditation can create that space to release that pressure.

“The more meditation, the more realizations.”

Sacred Sound Himalayan singing and shamanic drumming are profound sounds through sensations and vibrations. Even if you can’t hear, you’re feeling sound, there’s powerful vibration set in our system. When that vibration is played, our system responds to allow us to relax and dive in. The sound frequency itself has the ability to shift the brainwaves, there are also higher sequences of meditation like the Gamma Epsilon and Lambda State, which monks get training to even teach us to start with.

When we allow ourselves to really listen to the sound it almost kind of feels like a bath, immersed in this sonic vibration that’s flowing through you, and there’s this thing called brain entrainment, a natural phenomenon. It’s an opportunity to learn about ourselves in a way that gives this awareness. And hopefully, with that awareness, it’s a choice we can act upon.

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