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Expanding Community: Endometriosis Fundraiser 2023

On the Know & Do Better, we feature specialists in a variety of fields such as gastroenterology, Pain Physiatry, psychology and more. We believe in the importance of community and how we can now surround ourselves with our loved ones such as before the virus. 

At Inspira Physical Therapy, we cultivate community through our local and public outreach. We create educational content such as instructional videos, lectures, workshops, and the Know & Do Better podcast.  Spreading information is important to the business as it provides resources to our local community. 



We are excited to host the Endometriosis Fundraiser, on March 21st at 7 p.m. at Littlefield NYC. It will feature a Below The Belt film screening with a post-screening expert panel discussion. All funds will be donated to Endometriosis Research Center to pay it forward that much more.

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In 2022, we featured Dr. Lora Liu, an endometriosis surgeon, and we spoke about endometriosis and common questions that my patients ask. Endometriosis is a condition that we see in some of the patients who come to Inspira because we provide pelvic floor physical therapy in addition to complex orthopedic physical therapy. 

“I hope we can take this information communicated in the documentary and inform a bunch of people in the community in our local community of Park Slope, Brooklyn, and then have that kind of ripple effect where that many more people are informed.” – Dr. Melanie Carminati, Know & Do Better Podcast

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You may connect with your local community through:

  1.  MeetUp
  2.  Eventbrite
  3.  Facebook groups

Have a happy and healthy new year! 

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