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Sex After 70: Men’s Edition 

Disclaimer: The medical information in this podcast is for informational purposes only, not individualized medical advice. For personalized care, consult your healthcare provider.

About Dr. Michael A. Werner

Dr. Michael A. Werner is a board-certified urologist who received specialized Fellowship training in male infertility, surgery, and male sexual dysfunction at Boston University Medical Center. His private practice in Midtown Manhattan and Westchester, New York, is limited to two areas of specialization: male infertility and male and female sexual dysfunction. He’s a frequent lecturer and author in medical journals and books on these topics.

Exploring Men’s Health After 70

In this episode, we’ll be discussing a crucial aspect of men’s health after the age of 70, focusing on sexual health. Our previous podcast episode, “Sex After 70,” primarily centered around female sexual health concerns with Dr. Dena Harrison, a gynecologist. However, we received numerous comments asking about men’s sexual health and what can be done for men over 70 to maintain a fulfilling sex life. Dr. Werner, could you please share your clinical experience with male patients aged 70 and above? What are some common complaints they come in with in terms of sexual intimacy and sexual function?

Dr. Werner explains that as people live longer, sexual issues in older men become more prevalent. The two primary age-related concerns he encounters are erectile dysfunction and difficulties with ejaculation. The discussion delves into the treatment options for these issues, such as penile implants, penile injections, oral medications, and more.

Pelvic Pain and its Connection with Erectile Dysfunction

The conversation shifts to discussing chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men, which is often not well understood. Dr. Werner elaborates on the different symptoms and their varied manifestations. Dr. Carminati, as a pelvic floor therapist, adds to the discussion by emphasizing the importance of pelvic floor physical therapy and how it can assist in managing pelvic pain and other related issues.

Incorporating Radiofrequency Therapy (Winback Tecar):

Dr. Carminati shares her experiences with radiofrequency therapy, specifically the Winback Tecar system, which she finds beneficial for treating various pelvic conditions. The therapy is described as a warming sensation, and it explains how it helps facilitate deep tissue work for male pelvic pain patients.

Premature Ejaculation and Its Treatment

Dr. Werner addresses premature ejaculation, emphasizing that it’s not always a psychological issue but can be physical and, in some cases, lifelong. He discusses treatment options, including the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to delay ejaculation and topical numbing agents.

Addressing Low Libido

The conversation then touches on low libido in older men, often related to declining testosterone levels. Dr. Werner highlights the importance of hormone replacement therapy and discusses how it can significantly improve libido in men.

The Impact of Prostate Cancer Treatments on Sexual Function

When it comes to patients who have undergone prostate cancer treatments, Dr. Werner explains the common effects on sexual function and discusses potential treatments. He highlights the importance of early intervention to address post-treatment erection issues and emphasizes the effectiveness of penile injections in these cases.

The podcast concludes with discussions about reducing the stigma around discussing sexual health after the age of 70 and the importance of seeking help for sexual concerns. Dr. Werner and Dr. Carminati stress the value of collaborative efforts between urologists, pelvic floor therapists, and other medical professionals in providing holistic patient care.

This informative conversation shows the importance of open dialogue and a multidisciplinary approach to addressing sexual health challenges in older adults, providing hope and solutions for individuals seeking to improve their quality of life.

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