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The Patient Perspective: Nicqueva Haughton’s Journey & Triumph with Endometriosis

Nicqueva Haughton was featured on our Endometriosis Fundraiser expert panel discussion speaking on stage during the live event as a patient advocate about her experience with endometriosis. She has many words of wisdom and encouragement to give individuals who have endometriosis and are either at the beginning of getting help or have been going through it for some time. This blog post was written based on the Know & Do Better podcast episode, The Patient Perspective: Nicqueva Haughton’s Journey & Triumph with Endometriosis. 

Living with Endometriosis: A Journey of Pain, Persistence, and Hope

Living with endometriosis can be a challenging and often misunderstood experience. In this blog post, we will explore the personal journey of Nicqueva Haughton, who battled endometriosis from an early age, endured excruciating pain, and eventually underwent a hysterectomy. Despite the hardships faced, there is hope, resilience, and a message of empowerment for others navigating this condition.

The Onset of Symptoms

Nicqueva Haughton experienced endometriosis symptoms soon after her first period at age 12. The pain gradually worsened over the years, causing her to miss school and endure debilitating cramps that were far beyond what was considered normal.

Seeking Medical Attention

Due to her young age, Nicqueva did not see an OBGYN until she was 18 years old, prompted by her mother’s concern. The doctor discovered grapefruit-sized masses during an ultrasound, leading to a surgical procedure that resulted in the removal of her left ovary. The diagnosis of endometriosis was given, accompanied by the devastating news that she might never bear children.

Dealing with Limited Knowledge

At the time of diagnosis, endometriosis specialists were scarce, and Nicqueva’s doctor did the best with the limited information available. Despite the surgery providing temporary relief, the pain eventually returned, leaving her to explore various procedures and treatments. 

Embracing Motherhood Against the Odds

Contrary to the doctor’s initial prognosis, Nicqueva defied expectations and became a mother of three. Unexpectedly conceiving her first child at a young age, followed by subsequent pregnancies, brought immense joy and gratitude to Nicqueva.

The Decision for a Hysterectomy

Years later, after enduring chronic pain and its impact on her personal and professional life, Nicqueva decided to pursue a hysterectomy. She described the struggle of being heard and understood by medical professionals, advocating for her health and well-being. The surgery revealed that endometriosis had spread to her bowels and bladder, underscoring the severity of the condition.

Post-Hysterectomy Life

Nicqueva shares her initial apprehension about her identity and femininity after the hysterectomy. However, she emphasizes the significant improvement in her quality of life, highlighting her newfound ability to participate in activities without constant pain and worry.

Living with endometriosis is a challenging journey, marked by pain, uncertainty, and often delayed diagnosis. This blog post aims to shed light on one person’s experience, highlighting the importance of self-advocacy and the significance of finding the proper medical support. Through Nicqueva Haughton’s story, she hopes to instill encouragement for others facing endometriosis, emphasizing that there are paths to motherhood and fulfilling life despite the challenges posed by this condition.

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