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Winback Tecartherapy: Enhanced Manual Therapy & Expedited Recovery

What is Tecartherapy? Where did it come from? 

Gentle disclaimer to all of our readers: All medical information mentioned is informational and not individualized medical advice. Please follow up with your physician or medical practitioner for individualized care specific to your needs. This blog post refers to the Know & Do Better Podcast. Thank you.

The earliest forms of research date back to 1890, scientists were able to ascertain that there were low, medium, and high-frequency currents and to which parts of the body those would actually have an effect. We started to investigate the effects of high-frequency currents and to see what frequencies, in particular, would interact well with the human body, Tecartherapy, and its current form were really developed in the late nineties in Italy.

Gareth Ziyambi is a physiotherapist and owner of A to Z Elite Health and Performance in London, UK. He’s also the team physio for the UK Olympic Diving Team. He has participated in several world championships and Olympic Games, including Tokyo 2020. Gareth is an executive member of the Winback International Academy Committee

Microbiology of Radiofrequencies

Radiofrequency current is used quite widely, especially for those with chronic pain and they use radiofrequency ablation, for instance, to calm the nerves down. It’s used in microbiology when they’re trying to introduce substances into cells, for example, they have the cell in that in a fluid and then they have the current going through it to just increase the rate at which they can get things in, and out of the cell. 

Radiofrequency currents in particular interact with the cell on a cellular level. The modalities really work around the cell but nothing really works on the actual cell itself which makes it more permeable, increasing the nutrients that are going in and out of the cell.

What Does It Feel Like?

In most instances at Inspira Physical Therapy, we use it for complex orthopedic cases and pelvic floor therapy. It is warm, with no sting, or burn. It feels enjoyable for those who experience pain traditionally if there’s any hypertonic muscle in the pelvic floor. Gentle palpation sometimes if it’s the first or first few sessions for pelvic floor physical therapy, takes time because the whole area becomes hypersensitive to touch.

To learn more about Winback Tecartherapy, Inspira Physical Therapy in Park Slope, Brooklyn performing this in our 1-hour sessions. Book a free phone consultation today! Questions about Winback Therapy:

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  1. I loved your interview with the industry expert. It’s inspiring to hear about their journey and wisdom in the field of massage therapy.

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